6 weeks to unblock your money sequences, activate your wealth codes, and become the abundant woman.

Ready to create more money with 
soul + ease + flow?

Wealth & Money Trauma Private Coaching Experience.



You're meant to have everything you desire in this life. Especially, money. 

AS AN AMBITIOUS HEART AND SOUL LED WOMAN, Your time is noW. It's time to stand in your power, SHIFT THE PARADIGM, & reclaim your abundance. 

You're meant to have everything you desire in this life. And that includes money.  

You deep down believe that wealth is only available to certain people.

You're a paid coach, but you still feel like there is never enough. 

 You don't buy the things you desire out of guilt or feel immense remorse when purchasing something for yourself. 

You feel shame around and held back by debt. 

Who is this for? 

You 're an ambitious heart and soul- led female entrepreneur. You want to bring in the cash, but you wonder if being wealthy and having the money you desire is possible for someone like you. 

You've spent tons of money on programs and courses doing ALL the things, but still feel none of them have worked for you. 

You want to raise your rates, but the idea of physically increasing your prices or sending out invoices causes you massive anxiety. 

You know your niche and bring so much value to the table, yet your palms sweat at the thought of discussing money with clients. 

-Learn how to attract the money you desire and live a fully expressed life without the overwhelm. 

-End your feast and famine cycle and feel more abundant. 

-Learn how to heal and release the money wounds holding you back, so you can finally propel forward to fortune. 

-You'll be able to rewire your subconscious to connect with money differently. 

-You'll overcome your self-doubt and grow in cash and confidence. 

-You'll experience energy healing techniques to unblock your money zones at an energetic level. 

-You'll learn how to be a powerful manifestor and a match for what you desire.

-You'll understand how your human design and the laws of the divine can help you attract more wealth. 

-You'll learn how to call in what belongs to you and live the life you deserve.

-You'll learn how to deal with difficult people that get in the way of your money. 

-Stop feeling guilty about the things you desire and invest in your business with ease. 

-Learn how to feel safe and supported by money, so you can live in more gratitude and overflow. 

-You'll learn how to have and be with money so that you always have enough. 

-You'll live and serve with more confidence, flow, and abundance.

-You'll be able to connect with your intuition and use it to guide you to more wealth. 


You deserve to have it all and to be an abundant woman. I know the doubts are creeping in, but you already have what it takes. She's there, let's go find her. 




6 weekly sessions with Lindsey to calibrate you to more wealth (IN PERSON OR ONLINE).

Intuitive Readings to take you deeper into you. 

Deep Soul Meditations to release the reigns and feel the money flow. 

Energy Healing Session


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